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Flavon max Plus - Vegetable colouring matters concentrate
Dietary supplement with high antioxidant content

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The Flavon max Plus+ is the premium member of our product line. It is an exclusive product created for adults who are 'at risk' because they are subjected to serious strain, and for whom health protection is of high priority because of their lifestyle.

Why is Flavon max Plus+ necessary?

Antioxidants and high quality nutrition are very important for the organism. In the case of the presence of free radicals and increased oxidative stress, antioxidant materials are extremely important.

Daily stress, insufficient nutrition, and the presence of an excessive number of food additives in our foods (consistence improvers, emulsifiers, colouring agents, flavour enhancers) may jointly cause an abnormal increase in the number of free radicals in our body.

Smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, unjustified medication, polluted air, water, and soil can make these conditions even worse.

Cell, tissue, and organ damage caused by free radicals can be linked to the development of several diseases.

The proper antioxidant supply of the body is very important, in which the intake of good quality and quantity dietary materials plays a significant part. In the case of increased oxidative stress, when burdened with an excessive amount of free radicals, antioxidant materials are strongly recommended.

Following the principle of “one antioxidant is not an antioxidant,” herbs, such as beetroot, sandthorn, blackcurrant, blueberry, pomegranate, blue grapes, etc. - important components of which are polyphenol compounds, flavonoids, anthocyanins and terpenes – play a more and more important part.

We can take the appropriate antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and colouring matters into our body with this well-chosen, carefully compounded, complex and natural dietary supplement of high quality.

It contains no preservatives!


This exclusive product contains ingredients of high antioxidant feature, so they are suitable for the protection of a seriously affected body. To the well-tried Flavon max components, we have added two excellent and popular fruits of high antioxidant content: pomegranate and acerola.


Among fruits, pomegranate has one the strongest antioxidant effects. Its characteristic feature, namely that the elements of pomegranate are absorbed quickly, enhance its beneficial effects. Modern science has recently rediscovered this outstanding antioxidant fruit. It contains polyphenols, vitamin C, flavonoids and several types of fructose.

Pomegranate has been highly esteemed in Asia and the Middle-East for a thousands years from both spiritual and health respects.It is noted even in the Bible for its beauty and nutritional value.

Black elder

IIt is extremely rich in colouring matters.

It contains a significant amount of vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C. It also has remarkable mineral (potassium, calcium, magnesium) and microelement content. It contains almost every amino acid necessary for protein formation.

Red grapes

The darker its colour is, the more valuable it is for us. Namely because it is an antioxidant, therefore plays an important role in the protecting our bodies against free radicals of oxygen origin.

The most important effective agent of red grapes is resveratrol.


It has a higher vitamin C content than citrus or green pepper. It has a significant iron and vitamin B content.

It was known by the ancient Romans as ‘gout berry’. Its beneficial effects have also been discovered by current science, and for this reason it is often recommended by non-medical practitioners.


It has high potassium content and contains calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc and sulphur, vitamins C and phosphorus.

Its colouring matters are anthocyanins, which give the dark colour of the fruit.


Beetroot has been known and utilized since ancient times by mankind. It has especially high betanin content, and contains vitamins B1, B2, C and P, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, silicon, sulphur, iodine, iron, copper and manganese as well.

Its wide-ranging effects are due to the high number of vitamins and minerals.

Acerola (Wild cherry)

It is valuable because it contains a significant quantity of vitamin C. The fruit contains the vegetable flavonoids necessary for the complete absorption of this vitamin. It also has high potassium, manganese, and vitamin A content. Its juicy and sour fruit provides the active agents.

It is also used in Brazil and the Caribbean in folk therapy.

Sea Buckthorn

It has an outstanding antioxidant content. Its fruit is rich in carbohydrates, proteins, organic acids, amino acids and vitamins. Its vitamin C content is ten times greater than that of oranges.

It is a significant beta-carotene source, and also has outstanding potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and antioxidant content. Its vitamin E content is higher than that of corn or soya beans.

Panax ginseng

The 'root of life' has significant beneficial effects. It is the root of Panax ginseng, which belongs to the araliaceae that is called Ginseng. This plant is found mostly in Asia.

The name ginseng comes from the Chinese word ‘renshen’, while Panax is a Greek word, which means ‘all-curing.’

How to consume

Flavon max Plus+ is a unique dietary supplement, as it is enjoyable to consume due to the natural fruit taste and aroma. Take 2 times a day with one measure spoon (preferably before meal).


  • Flavon max Plus+ is strongly recommended for athletes, who undergo a greater oxidative stress during trainings.
  • It is also recommended for entrepreneurs and managers who do not eat regularly, work 12-16 hours full time and who are subjected to stress and burden of duty.
  • Flavon max Plus+ is recommended for those who pay extra attention to their health and condition of their body.


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